Long Beach CA Real Estate Market Update – April 2014

Long Beach home prices continued to appreciate in March and the inventory remained low. With interest rates remaining low, this is an ideal market to buy and sell. The median Long Beach home price in March 2014 was $475,000, up 16.3 percent from March 2013 and 9.4 percent from February 2014 – … [Read more...]

What is your Long Beach home worth?

Can you guess what your Long Beach home is worth? Prices in Long Beach CA went up more than 20 percent in 2013, and some neighborhoods increased more than others. Many people have a vague idea of what their home is worth. For an instant, 100 percent free valuation of your home simply click on the … [Read more...]

Long Beach Real Estate Update – February 2014

Long Beach home prices continued to rise slightly in January 2014, but the number of closed sales decreased, according to recent figures from Pacific West Association of Realtors (PWR). The median sales price in Long Beach was $455,000 in January 2014, compared to $365,000 in January 2013 and … [Read more...]

Long Beach Real Estate Update – September 2013

The Long Beach real estate market continues to be a strong seller's market with high demand and reasonably low inventory. Currently, there is about a two month supply of Long Beach homes for sale. Meanwhile, even as local media reported that median home prices in Southern California levelled out … [Read more...]

Even in a Seller’s Market, Not All Homes Sell

Even in a seller's market, NOT all homes sell, and the ones that do sell don't all sell for top dollar. Last month, the average percent of list price received by Long Beach sellers was 100.4 percent of list price, compared to 97.4 percent the previous June, according to figures from the Multiple … [Read more...]

Long Beach Real Estate Market Update – July 2013

The recovery of the U.S. housing market now appears to be well under way. While demand is still high, even with credit conditions constraining buyers and interest rates bumping up recently, the low level of inventory is having a significant effect in most markets, including Long Beach. The median … [Read more...]

It’s a Seller’s Market in Long Beach!

Our real estate market has shifted into overdrive and we’re now in a strong “seller’s market.” But what does that really mean for buyers and sellers? Merriam-Webster defines “seller’s market” as “a market in which goods are scarce, buyers have a limited range of choice, and prices are … [Read more...]

Why Buy A Long Beach Home Now? Prices are the same as 2002, but your cost is LESS!

Today I was calling to check availability on homes for one of my buyers and I ran into a number of homes that are just going into escrow with multiple offers after months of sitting on the market. The market is definitely heating up. What buyers apparently know is that it's a great time to buy a … [Read more...]

Long Beach Real Estate Market Update – February 2012

Usually the real estate market starts off a little slow, kicking off after Super Bowl Sunday. Don't ask me why that is because I've never understood the connection between football and real estate. However, a seasoned Realtor told me that early in my career and I've found it to be the case. This … [Read more...]

January 2012 Real Estate Market Update

2012 shows signs of an improving housing market as the U.S. economy continues its forward-moving yet slow road to recovery. Although there are economists projecting housing prices will decline further, aided by distressed property sales that sell at a greater discount, these prices are expected to … [Read more...]