Long Beach Real Estate Market Update – May 2014

Spring is upon us and summer is just around the corner which means it’s a great time to think about buying or selling a home.  Traditionally, spring and summer are the hottest seasons for real estate because sales peak in April and May and stay strong in June and July.  Many families prefer to move … [Read more...]

Long Beach CA Real Estate Market Update – April 2014

Long Beach home prices continued to appreciate in March and the inventory remained low. With interest rates remaining low, this is an ideal market to buy and sell. The median Long Beach home price in March 2014 was $475,000, up 16.3 percent from March 2013 and 9.4 percent from February 2014 – … [Read more...]

Long Beach Real Estate Market Update – March 2014

Spring is in the air, which means it’s a great time to think about buying or selling a home if you want to move either before or during summer. For homeowners who’ve been waiting for their home to build equity before making a move, now may be the time to explore whether selling is now a viable … [Read more...]

Long Beach Real Estate Market Update – December 2013

The latest Long Beach real estate statistics showed a slight decline in home prices last month – a departure from the runaway price increases we’ve been seeing throughout 2013. The median home price in Long Beach CA dipped from $469,000 in October 2013 to $455,000 last month, according to … [Read more...]

Long Beach Home Prices Up, Great Time to Sell a Home

Home sales in Long Beach have continued to rise and the inventory remains low, meaning we are still in a seller’s market. The median sales price in October 2013 was $469,000, up 25 percent from October 2012, according to Pacific West Association of Realtors. And while some media reports indicate … [Read more...]

Long Beach Real Estate Market Update – July 2013

The recovery of the U.S. housing market now appears to be well under way. While demand is still high, even with credit conditions constraining buyers and interest rates bumping up recently, the low level of inventory is having a significant effect in most markets, including Long Beach. The median … [Read more...]

It’s a Seller’s Market in Long Beach!

Our real estate market has shifted into overdrive and we’re now in a strong “seller’s market.” But what does that really mean for buyers and sellers? Merriam-Webster defines “seller’s market” as “a market in which goods are scarce, buyers have a limited range of choice, and prices are … [Read more...]

Long Beach Real Estate Market Update – May 2013

The Long Beach real estate market has been hot all year, but as we head into the summer season, it's heating up even more! In April 2013, the average home sales price in Long Beach was $495,463 -- which is 27 percent up from from April 2012. Meanwhile, the inventory of homes for sale declined by … [Read more...]

The weather may be cold, but the market is hot!

The weather may be chilly, but the real estate market is sizzling right now! Many people believe that the real estate market cools off during the winter months. Sure, there may be some deals for home buyers willing to go home shopping instead of holiday shopping.  But why would someone want to … [Read more...]

How To Win A Bidding War

This summer, the Long Beach area real estate market is sizzling and buyers have to beware or they may get burned.. or burned out by unsuccessful bids.  “The Bidding Wars Are Back!” proclaimed a recent newspaper headline and that’s definitely what we’re seeing in the trenches. So as a buyer, how … [Read more...]